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Very enlightening read, but I'm afraid I only went with the first alternative too. I'm consider myself extremely lucky because I'm relatively new to rum and have so much to look forward to. However, since there is so much to discover I feel I cannot let environmental considerations inform my choices too much. Instead, it makes sense to explore tastes, scents, types etc. without any regard about how it was made; the amount of energy used,waste etc.

But I welcome any information about environmentally friendly policies of the producers. I understand some of the warmer climate are more at risk than the northern hemisphere and if given the choice I think the consumers like ourselves would happily buy the slightly costlier product if it was produced in an environmentally friendly way - especially so because many of the products we buy are in a more expensive price segment so I suppose we are prepared to pay more than the average supermarket consumers. I don't think the supermarket chains see it that way as they are always trying their best to haggle the prices.
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