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what a great night. a fun education to say the least. on a certain level i feel are "rankings" are fairly irrelevant. I was one of the people who gave the pyrat a 6. It could almost as easily have been my number 2 because it has a great flavor profile. it was yummy. but i am not used to so much orange flavour in my rum. i rated it low because it was less "rum like". if we had been using a parker style rating sytem, it would still have been in the top tastes.

what i also got out of it was that i'll be adding a few bottles of el dorado 15 and zacapa 23 to my shelf.

also i wonder how the el dorado 25 would have done if it was a fresher bottle. it had been almost empty since it was opened in may, which may have flattened it a little. the 15 was about half full and i don't know when it was opened. i think the others were all opened that night.

now that i understand a little more, i would agree with angelsword's comment about our last tasting, we do like the sweet ones. although the tricentennial was my personal favorite, and it and the Hudson were the most dry of the bunch.
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