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Default Results of the Tasting

We had a grand old time last night, 5 of us tasting 7 rums blindly.
The seven rums tasted were:

El Dorado 25
Pyrat 1623
Mt. Gay Tricentennial
Zacapa Centenario XO
El Dorado 15
Zacapa 23 yr (full wicker bottle)
Hudson River Rum - Tuthilltown Spirits in New York

The results were interesting, to say the least. The only unanimous opinion was that the Hudson River Rum was by far the weakest of the rums. All five of us ranked it #7 It was the lightest in color, harshest in taste, had almost no nose, and seemed far inferior to the other 6.

We had 4 different favorites among the other 6. Two people voted the Zacapa XO best, with one #1 vote each for the Pyrat 1623, El Dorado 25 and the Tricentennial.

The interesting thing was that the highest rated rum overall was the Zacapa 23. Even though no one rated it #1, it got almost all 2s and 3s.

The Pyrat 1623 was quite a decisive rum. Tasters either loved it or didn't care much for it at all. 3 people voted it 6th, and the other 2 gave it a #1 and a #2. The three that didn't like it thought it was far too different from what should be considered "rum". Very heavy on the citrus and molasses. One person felt it almost could have been Cointreau. The other two of us simply loved it.

In our rough rating point system, which was rudimentary at best, we rated each rum 1-7 and added up the totals. The lowest number was the highest rated rum over all.

They came out ranked:
1. Zacapa 23 - 14 pts (No #1 votes, but all high ratings)
2. Zacapa XO - 16 pts (2 #1 votes, but also 2 #5 votes)
3. El Dorado 25 - 16 pts (1 #1 vote)
4. El Dorado 15 - 17 pts (No #1 votes)
5. Pyrat 1623 - 21 pts (1 #1 vote, 1 #2 and 3 #6s)
6. Mt. Gay Tricentennial - 21 pts (1 #1 vote)
7. Hudson River Rum - 35 pts (Everyone disliked this one)

Different rating schemes might have altered the rankings, but overall both Zacapas and both El Dorados fared better than the others. This may be because we mostly tend to prefer the sweeter rums, and are not tremendous fans of agricoles.

We also tried a bit of the Cubaney 8 afterwards, and it felt far inferior to everything except the Hudson River.

I'm not really sure what conclusions to draw from this, other than the fact that all 6 of those rums were quite amazing rums. For most of us, there was very little difference between our #3-5 rums, and our top ranked rums vs. our least favorite rums were a matter of personal preference.

I would have liked to compare one of the newer Zacapas with the older full wicker bottle one, and would have liked to throw a couple of other rums in the mix, and added a few more judges, but we only had 35 glasses.

What pleases me most, however, is that for about $32, you can get just about the best tasting rum made, as opposed to cognac or whiskeys which run into the hundreds if not thousands for a similar type experience.

Fellow Ministry member bstout was in attendance. Anything you'd care to add, Bill?

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