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Default Rum & Eggnog

I have my first question(s) if I may... and I apologize in advance if there is already a thread on this...

While most of my current interest is with sipping rum, I do have a question about this holiday classic as the holiday season is approaching. My question is; what sort of rum should I be mixing with eggnog?... any suggestions? My first thought is to go with a robust spiced rum that carries more of the traditional holiday tones of nutmeg and cinnamon and less of the standard allspice tones typically found in spiced rum. - Does anything like that even exist? The reason I'm inclined to go with a spiced rum is that I generally don't enjoy the floaty bits in my cocktails when I add my own spices.

Or, do most eggnogs contain their own spices and do I let those carry flavor? Basically, I get a big vanilla hit from eggnog so do I want to compliment that with my rum selection or do I want to balance the sweetness off with something more zippy? Having said all of that, I cringe at the thought of putting finer rum into eggnog but maybe come holiday time, good rum & eggnog warrants it? Any brand recommendations?
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