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Originally Posted by Vanpatt View Post
I can't believe how much colour the barrel has imparted on the rum in so short a time!
Vanpatt...What you are seeing is the effect of barrel ageing at sea level in the Carribean as opposed to a much cooler Northern clime as yours. As an example, I sent my brother in law (as a gift) the same 5 liter American Oak barrel I bought back in December, 08. We both filled our barrels with white rum after making sure they were water tight. We kept our barrels topped up...Checked weekly for progress. After 4 weeks I was seeing a considerable change in color and flavor....He was seeing and tasting no changes. I could not believe it. I just just visited him and his family with my better half in Maine about 2 weeks ago. He has been storing the barrel in his basement....Which I guess will not break 65 degreesF given the way summer is not progressing in Maine. The oak influence on his rum is very delicate..The color is still very light, and the oak has imparted some tannins but not so much flavor as I would have expected.

It was a wonderful reminder as to how climate effects ageing in oak. We drained a fair portion of his barrel sampling it..and then refilled it with store bought white rum..and will tap it again in September when I revisit there.

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