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The wine industry is moving towards cork closures as they're called in the industry. If you're collecting rums and plan on keeping them for more than a few years screw caps are the way to go. Corks look nice and have a nice feel, until they begin to disintegrate, which they will over time.

I've seen more than a few bottles of old rum with cork closures that had weakened with age and in some cases had begun to visibly leak. Corks aren't meant to be reused many times, especially those that have to be removed with a cork screw.

Synthetic corks are better than natural cork closures but if you're transporting bottles of rum, especially bottles that have been opened, there is a real risk of leakage. And if you're carrying opened bottles on an airplane the lower pressure at high altitudes will almost certainly cause the cork on a half full bottle to leak.
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