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Originally Posted by Scottes View Post
I'm curious about this. In the end, does oxidation cause more difference than the changes inherent between batches? Does the oxidation cause worse changes, better changes, or simply different changes?
This gets too deep for me and doesn't allow for the reality that change is inevitable.

Something I think I read into that Edward has, I believe, implied many times without hurting any distillery's or person's feelings is that spirits are not very consistent over long periods of time - sometimes over short periods. How did I come to that conclusion? The reformatting of profiles discussions. The "it used to taste great but is pedestrian these days" vs. "it was terrible but is now approachable" etc.

Honestly, I've learned enough that if I bump into a rum that is truly spectacular right now, I'd tuck away several bottles. I know it's just a matter of time before there will be some uncontrollable change, even if it is minimal. Rather than blame anyone, I chalk the variations up as evolution.
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