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Default What's Your Most Recent Purchase?

I just returned from Michigan and while I was there I stopped by a couple of out of the way liquor stores. While I passed on a number of bottles that aren't available in Ohio, I did pick up:

Cruzan 2 Year Old Dark (x2)
Foursquare Spiced (x2)
Mt. Gay Sugar Cane Rum

So far, I've only cracked open a bottle of Foursquare, which I found to be very enjoyable. I'm going to wait until I get closer to finishing my bottle of Cruzan Aged Dark rum (14 months) before opening the 2 year.

Among those I passed on (for now on some perhaps): Pyrat Pistol (I thought $18 for a 375ml was a bit high, correct?), Cruzan SB with the older label, Flor de Cana 4 & 7 Year, Mt. Gay Special Reserve (I noticed there were 2 different labels. One looked like the current Eclipse bottles and the other had Barbados colored green, are either worth picking up?), as well as another 4 or 5 bottles of the Sugar Cane Rum.

What were your last bottles purchased?
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