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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
Ah, the difficulties of polling. This morning I read in regards to the V&S auction in Sweden, "Bacardi is confident its super premium Grey Goose vodka is upmarket enough compared to premium Absolut for U.S. regulators not to block a deal . . ."

After researching the terms premium and super premium for the past three years the ONLY correlation ANYONE has been able to point to is price, so if I charge more I'll move my product from the premium category to the super premium category. There is no denying that Sidney Frank did a stellar job of marketing Grey Goose but I've yet to see an independent tasting where Grey Goose came out on top against other premium vodkas these days.
Re Grey Goose...I did read one time in one of my wife's wine e-magazines that in a blind taste test Grey Goose came in 5th or 6th. A Polish brand vodka came in 1st.

As for rum I think that in marketing rum brands, considering rums colorful history, colorful marketing hype is used to fit the product. While not complete lies marketers perhaps have taken liberties and shaped the truth to fit.

Personally I stick to brands that I know and like and don't pay much attention the marketing.

As for truth in rum marketing I like how Martinique distillers have the AOC. I also like how other Caribbean distilleries are in the process of getting their own designation (Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque). More info is contained in a post by RumRunner.

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