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I was actually scanning through TTB's website checking out label specs. In the US, rum, brandy, and tequila have a lot less regulations than whiskeys. It did note that any flavoring OR coloring agent must be specified on the bottle except natural flavorings (like oak) or caramel (which I found very interesting). With rums, you do not have to specify number of times distilled, though if there is a claim, it must be truthful. Gin is the only spirit that must confirm distillation method. You also cannot use the word Pure anywhere on the label unless referring to the brand name or distiller's name. Nothing was said of the word Premium. Like Ed said, priced dictates what is Premium and what is Super Premium. Super Premium didnt exist until companies like Grey Goose and Patron decided to spend an extra $3/bottle on packaging and sell it for $15 more. The rich get richer!
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