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What an interesting thread.

I think a BIG problem for persons trying to be green is the difficulty in obtaining unbiased information. Not just information on what green practices certain distilleries and bottling companies employ, but also information on whether these policies and practices are actually 'green'.

I have a fiend who is concerned about the 'carbon footprint' he is leaving so he decided to buy everything that was produced locally. So he drives to a produce store that claims to sell only locally grown produce. Trouble is they don't have everything he needs. So he drives to another of these specialty stores and yet another.

We were arguing about this the other day because I think his 'footprint' is larger than ever. First off it is probably more efficient to ship mass amounts of produce in large container trucks than it is to ship small amounts from local specialty growers. I suspect a truckload of lettuce from California leaves a smaller footprint per pound of lettuce than a carload of lettuce from a local farm 30 miles from the city. And then there's the driving my friend is doing.

But its even more complicated than that. If he doesn't even try to be more conscious then the local grown producer doesn't have a chance to become more efficient.

Its kind of like the electric car debate. Those batteries that power the cars have a lot of exotic chemicals and elements in them, and they are only warranteed for a short period of the cars life. Maybe we are worse of, especially in large portions of North America where the electricity is produced from coal. But maybe we need to start the change to make it more efficient.

There has been some discussion of what farm workers in Haiti are paid. I think that if everyone agrees to forfeit Haitian Rum as a result the workers will be even less well off. But then again maybe not as it may be one lever that causes positive change in the long run.

If I knew a certain Rum company engaged in a particular despicable practice, I would definitely not buy their Rum. I would even avoid the other spirits from companies that are linked to them. The trouble is in the knowing.

In spite of all this I try to be as Green and socially conscious as possible. I will not buy burgers at a certain Fast food chain because I know for a fact that they have a policy in the local store of laying off kids after they are 16 years old so that they can hire 14 yr old replacements and avoid paying them minimum wage.

But I guess I think that Government has a huge responsibility here. Like in Scotland where they are working with the distilleries to implement new regulations to improve the efficiencies. This is a positive thing.

(Sorry about the rambliness of this post, but its a hard topic to repond to fairly without a bit of ramble.)
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