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We might try something more like this:

For 2 -2.5 L

4 cups strong tea (5 tsp/pot)
0.35 L Batavia Arrack
1 litre of 40% vodka
1.1 L sugar
lemon juice to taste

For the first try we'll stick with readily available vodka, although sugar cane vodka might be a good alternative. The white wine, lemon juice, citric acid and vinegar seem to be alternative sources of the sour element needed to balance the mix. We'll probably try lemon juice alone initially, since the acidity of white wine would seem pretty variable and the alternatives sound less palatable. The simple syrup would seem to be needed only to adjust the punsch if too much sour were added.

Starting with a nice hot pot of tea offers an easy way to dissolve the sugar (letting it cool, of course, before adding the spirits and other ingredients). It also seems more natural than using tea for coloring, although it likely comes to the same effect.

Scented tea like Earl Grey might be best as the student indicated, but we wonder whether it might determine too much of the flavor. Most tea pots have a four cup capacity, five is unusual and the poster mixed measures, so the change in quantity seems justified.

For cocktail use the quantity seems a bit large, particularly when the recipe might require some adjustment or additions. Scaling it down to two cups or so is probably best until we're done experimenting.

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