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Default Private / Independent bottlers of rum and profiles:

This sort of came from the recent mention of Cadenhead's Green Label rum, but it's something I've wanted to discuss for some time.

I'm not excessively familiar with Private bottled rum. Most of what I have imbibed was bottled by Cadenhead, Murray McDavid and of course Ferrand's Plantation.

That said, I notice each pretty much avoids color & flavor "additives". It is probably just my own palate / taste, but I find most or rather all of the private bottles I've been through to possess a lot of fruit and other subtler nuances. While some of these nuances are common in distillery bottled rum, they tend to not be as bright or come through as clearly when compared to private bottles.

What I'm curious (hopefully Ed has some opinion on this to offer as well) - would it likely be that I find these rums "fruity" (to keep it simple), because of the lack of additives and other distillery processes? Or do these private selectors each tend to pick fruity barrels for future bottling purposes to begin with? Or is there some other potential common denominator?

Note: I realize this doesn't take into account "finishing" or other regiments the bottler may employ upon acquisition or further maturation etc.
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