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Default Happy to be here, ready to learn

I am from NJ, became aware of the Minister after reading An Embarrassment of Mangoes several years ago. I check in with this site on occasion but this is my first visit to the forums.
I am eager to learn many new things and ways we haven't enjoyed Rums. Tonight we gave coconut water and rum a go. I had heard about it in the past, and relaxing with my drink, reminded me of this site and now... here I am.
We would love to expand our palate with rum. I am in search of a new favorite drink. I am often a boring spiced rum and coke with lime lady, as its an easy drink and always stock items at home. Honestly I am just bored with it, and I know I must be missing out on better things.
I also like my homemade Mango Mojitos (I know, trendy) but can not drink pre-made or mix.
So enough about me, off to learn about Rum Drinks.

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