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Default My favorite Tahitian treat

This is one of my fav treats,Tahitian oven baked papaya.
This is for 6 serv.

3 medium papayas
3 Tahitian vanilla beans
6 tblsp brown sugar, try to use the best sugar you can find
6 tblsp good dark rum
Some unsalted butter
1 can of rich thick coconut milk

Cut the papayas in 2 and take out the content so you get 2 "bowls", discard the seeds (or use them in a salad dressing.) Place the papayas in a oven proof dish.

In each papaya shell put:
A stick of butter, 1/2 vanilla bean, scrape out the seeds and add them first and then the bean itself on top
1 tblsp sugar sprinkled over
1 tblsp of the rum

Bake in the oven for 15 mins at 180C (I don`t have the F grades for the oven here..)
Before serving, pour coconut milk over the papaya halves.

This is a real treat but very simple and you can serve it with ice cream too if you wish, its also deliscious.
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