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Question Need a good 151 rum in Virginia

Greeting from Virginia! I live in an ABC state which means some spirits are close to impossible to get. That includes a decent 151 proof rum. I am unable to get Hamilton 151, Lemon Hart 151, nor Plantation OFTD, which pretty much leaves me with Cruzan 151 and Goslings 151. I’m kind of a newbie to rum and am exploring the world of tiki this summer and beyond.

Today I asked my local ABC store about how to get Hamilton rums and they said the best way to access the ABC Board was to get a distributor or importer to pitch it directly to the board. Well, I have no clue how to to do that. I have no idea who is the importer/distributor for Hamilton Rums. I figure since Mr. Ed Hamilton is the man behind the rum, perhaps he might know a way.

Until then, and assuming my mission has a very small percentage to be successful, what are my options as a decent 151 proof rum? Thanks to everyone in advance!
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