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Default Happy Holidaze !--Any opinions re Angostura Royal Oak (aka 'Siegert's Bouquet') ?

I am very curious whether the experts feel that the current Angostura
Royal Oak truly is the closest replicant of their older brand (60's-70's) of
Siegert's Bouquet. ( A thread from 2002 on another website --by an Angostura rep-- claimed this). I came across this name in the Revised edition of TV's Bar guide. He must of thought it was somewhat special--there are at least two featured cocktails that specify this particular brand (and the guide rarely describes specific brands of spirits)--the 'Siegert's Bouquet Cocktail' and (tellingly, ) the 'Trader Vic Cocktail'.

Perhaps TV liked this brand because it was a good value--indeed (my new favorite 'packie'), Ace Beverages in DC sells Royal Oak at around $16.00/750ml--this seems like a good deal for an aged rum (3-6 yrs, per The Ministry).

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