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I'm glad you started this thread. This is a topic that is only recently starting to become something of interest to me. I have three spirits consisting of two rums and one limited bourbon (my other favorite spirit) and I find myself trying to determine when is appropriate to open them.

In a perfect world I would LOVE and give anything to share a bottle of bourbon with my Dad but he is strictly non-alcoholic so I will never have that once in a lifetime memorable experience.

That leaves me to close friends who enjoy alcohol for more than numbing their senses...sadly I only have one close friend who I would gladly share any spirit on earth. In fact he will probably be the only person who will share most of these experiences with me, LOL . How appropriate he is also the one who first introduced me to rum.

For some it sounds as thought the question of 'when' to open a rare/limited/discontinued spirit such as rum is easy. I find myself Now trying to decide when are the special occassions to pop open say a botle of ORVW 23yr or Appleton 30yr to truly enjoy the spirit and make a memory to be remembered for a lifetime.

This is a fascinating and very enjoyable thread.
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