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Originally Posted by mammel View Post
Seeing that he was not too pleased with the findings...
That is not exactly correct. While I loathed the printing and layout, such things are not as important as the information contained. And while I complained that half of the 492 rums covered were just a listing of the name, this means that about 250 *did* have info. And I'll reprint my summary here:
When one looks past the printing quality and layout, this book has a wealth of information. It’s easy to recommend since it contains so much information about rum. Sure, the rum descriptions may be a little light, but it’s hard to find so many packed into one location like this. It was the first rum book I ever purchased, and I still refer to it - constantly. Definitely recommended.
There are, AFAIK, 4 books of this type* - Ed's, Dave Broom's, Plotkin's, and The Rum Experience. The Rum Experience is 3rd on my list of recommendations, and is still definitely recommended. Of the ~30 rum books I own, I would not recommend at least 20 of them to anyone except a fanatic or collector. I'd easily recommend Ayala's book to anyone who enjoys tasting rum, though I'd recommend Broom's book first. (And hopefully Ed's upcoming book will displace it from being my top pick.)

* By "this type" I guess that I would categorize these books as "taster's" books. Books with some info, some history, some insight into the distillation methods, and - most importantly - reviews. IMHO.
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