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Default Ciao , Lucio !

Sei fortunato, Italy is a great country, with excellent liquor & wine shops. I go on vacation near Imperia each year, and the choice of products is great. The bars and restaurants are wonderful - BUT, you must obviously know what you want and take your time in reacting to the choices. Europe is old in culture...and appreciating a glass, even in a small, tiny, hole-in-the-wall bar; can be an enlightening, cosmic experience. Rhums from Italy are my favorites. I love French DOM-TOM Rhums also. They push the fermentation/distillation process to a level similar to fine Cognacs. Yeh, this is my opinion only. The Italians (primarily Samaroli, Caroni & Velier products) are capable of selecting, raising & bottling Rums which surpass even the foreign French Rhums. They are rarely producers of Rum. Check out your local fine spirits shop & let the owner know what you are interested in. Lucky Man (E,L & P. 1970) you are !
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