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Default More Rum in Key West

After such fortune yesterday, I decided to make today's goal to seek out anyplace that sells rum. This morning started out well, when I spotted a restaurant called the Rum Barrel. It did seem to have much more to do with tasty food than rum at first, but then I spotted the cabinet behind the bar. Without a doubt, they had the best rum selection of any restaurant I've seen. Pretty much any rum you can think of on the market today was present. I ordered a dram of Santa Teresa 1796, which was about twice as large as expected, and some gator tail, and had a merry old time.

After lunch, I scoped out liquor stores. Found one with a nice selection; those I didn't expect to see were Zacapa XO, Mount Gay 1703 (very overpriced), Vizcaya, and the 2007 Appleton 21, which I bought. If anyone else is looking for some, it's at Duval and Caroline, and I think it's called Lost Weekend.

A bit down the road I found another store, Tropical Package Store, which had the first bottles of Zafra Ive come across. They were overpriced, but since I hadn't found any elsewhere, I bought one.

None of the other stores had anything of note; supposedly the owner of the Albertson's here keeps his store well stocked with premium rums, but I haven't headed there yet. Perhaps after dinner...
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