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Originally Posted by Bear View Post
For 20 years or so I was a fanatic fan of Cockspur 12 (Cockspur VSOR) from Barbadoes. I would buy it by the case. A couple of years ago a friend introduced me to Plantation Estate Reserve Rum which is also from Barbadoes. I found Plantation even better for sipping than the Cockspur. I loved the butterscotch finnish. I have recently discovered a Rum named Kaniche XO at a Rum tasting event. It is very every bit as smooth as Plantation and very affordable. Is there a reason why these rums are not on the favorites pick list?
Kaniche and the Plantation are one and the same. As Cignac/Ferrand products they are widely bashed much like Bacardi.

Marks and Spencer stock a Bajan and Guatemalan rum both of which are Plantation rum's re-bottled. Decent buys at £25 or less
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