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Default Whole story please

I am very concerned because I don't know of a substitute for LH 151. It would wipe out a lot of my favorite drink recipes if I had no more LH 151. I just ordered 12 bottles and they have another case. 6 of what I ordered was for a friend. 6 bottles may last me a while, but, forever without LH151 is a long time. I intend to live for decades longer and drink 1934 Zombie Punches and 151 Swizzles till the end.

In short, should I max out my order and put in for the long haul?

What is the issue with "Demerara Rum" you are referring to?

My reading of the news seems like they plan to spread distribution, where am I wrong?

I need answers soon so I can get my order in to ship tomorrow.

Thanks for the updates. This is the place I turn for important Rhum and rum information.
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