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Thank you for that info! i have not went and got those 2 yet! Everyone has a different opinion it seems like gets a little confusing. I guess the only way is to try them. Zaya is pretty cheap 25 a bottle. 3 dollars higher than captain morgan black. I will give it a go. Its got to be better than that. I like the captain black but i dont think its a sipper. probably more for mixed drinks. However for the high proof and smooth taste not too bad on the rocks. If I drink it warm it has a long afterburn. Some people may like that but its not for me. I want something that i can enjoy and goes down smooth and tastes really good. Theres so many choices but i have to drive over an hour to get any of these thats why it is hard for me too. My local stores only carry admiral,bacardi,kracken,captain,cruzan (only flavored). There is also about 15-20 bars around here within a 10 mile radius. I have been to most of them and the rums ive mentioned is all they got excluding kracken. so cant try none there. Pretty depressing for bars if you ask me. I throw for a dart league and ive gotten to the point to where when i go to the bars i just get a mountain dew or a pepsi because im upset with them. 3.50 for bacardi silver and coke. or you can spend 5 to get a captain and coke or shot. ill never pay that. ill buy a bottle first lol. well thanks sorry for the ranting just a lil frustrated how hard it is to get a decent drink around here
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