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What's the best cocktail? Hmm, that depends who's making them!

Unless I'm in a swanky bar which looks like it knows what it's doing (both of which are rare occurrences), I only drink cocktails at home. In my house I can control all the necessary factors and I don't feel so cheated if I screw up. I hate paying through the nose for a badly-made cocktail.

In the UK, when I go out, I go to good pubs and I drink ale. I would never order a rum cocktail in a pub. We have so much great beer in our pubs, and so little good rum, that there seems no point.

To answer the question, my favourite cocktail would probably be a mai tai (if made well). However my usual preferred cocktail at home is a simple Appletons V/X and ginger beer with a splash of fresh lime juice and triple sec.
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