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Originally Posted by Tripdforlife View Post
Sounds like a great recipe, it is true to the classics. But you say not enough ED, what proportions would you suggest?---- Unfortunately I can not get ED in Nebraska unless online but have had ED 15 and love it. How can the ED be retained? What would you suggest? I like 2:1 or even 2:3/4 with 2 dashes bitters. Carpano is my go to vermouth so whats the best in your eyes?
I gave up on tinkering with proportions to come up with a happy ED (blend as opposed to single barrel) Manhattan after I got the cue from the bartender at the Cana Rum Bar in LA. (The ED PM works great in a straight Manhattan and using Carpano.)

He made a Perfect Manhattan. He used 1/2 oz of dry vermouth and 1/2 oz of sweet (actually bitter sweet with the Imbue). This is the way I approach a Manhattan if I have to use bourbon. Bourbon is too mild and sweet a flavor to mix with just sweet vermouth, IMHO. And I think the ED 8, 12, 15, 21, etc. are similar in character. If you like Manhattans made with bourbon, you might just be happy doing staright Manhattans with the ED blends.

As far as the proper proportions of the Manhattan go, I happen to prefer the ones we have discussed here as the standard, i.e. 2:1, plus angostura bitters and orange twist, which I believe is David Wondrich's published preference also. Wondrich also stated that rye whiskey was the original (or maybe just the "best") spirit of choice for making Manhattans, which I also think is superior to bourbon or scotch.

But I stumbled on some (hopefully accurate) history in the book, "The Mixellany guide to Vermouth & Other Apertifs" that states that the original Manhattan (from the Manhattan Club in the 1860s) was

30 ml Bourbon
30 ml Italian Vermouth
2 dashes Orange Bitters
no garnish

Later, in 1891, William Schmidt published a recipe closer to our modern interpretation as:

40 ml Bourbon
20 ml Italian Vermouth
2 dashes of (the newly imported Angostura) bitters
2 dashes of gomme (simple) syrup
no garnish
optional: a few dashes of maraschino liqueur

So I guess my point being, history is not dictating a hard and fast set of rules. If you work out a successful recipe, more power to you.

And I think rum is a great spirit to make Manhattans with.
Rum will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no rum!

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