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How a whisky benefits from age depends on the climate it's in. Bourbon from KY, USA has big temperature flutuations, causing the whisky to get pulled into the wood and pushed out of the wood. 12 yo bourbon is very mature for a bourbon, but not so much for a scotch. Booker Noe years ago from Jim Beam liked his bourbon between 6-8yo, uncut, unfiltered, like Booker's bourbon is still made today. Standard Buffalo Trace with no age statement ages their bourbon 8 years. Bulleit bourbon (distilled by Four Roses) is around 8 years too. Buffalo Trace's "Pappy Van Winkle" line is wheated bourbon, and aged upto 23 years. PVW 23 is very high in demand, tough to get and very expensive. Many rave about it, I haven't had it (the Old Rip Van Winkle 12yo is the oldest I've had, and it's great)
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