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Default St Vincent Extra Gold Rum

I just learned that half of the last cases of St Vincent Extra Gold Rum that were imported to the US will be on the shelves at BevMo in the next few days. This rum was originally imported by West Indies Spirits in about 1999 but unfortunately that company is no longer importing this rum. Rum from St Vincent is now being imported by another company but that company didn't see a market for this aged gold rum.

In St Vincent this rum was bottled as Captain Bligh and was one of the rums that inspired me to write my first book. This was just one of the treasures I discovered that was literally unknown, even in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The label was changed for import to the US because the original label didn't look very professional and there were concerns about negative connotations about the infamous Captain.

This rum isn't listed on the BevMo site, but since the number of cases is limited it may never be listed there. But if you go to one of their stores and ask for it, they should see this rum in their system. The UPC code is
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