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There are several similarities and differences between rhum agricole and cachaзa. First, both are distilled from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. On Martinique, all rhum agricole must be made from one or more kinds of 12 approved sugar cane varieties. Rhum agricole from Guadeloupe, for example, can be made from other sugar cane varieties though most distillers use those grown on Martinique as in the future they will also have an AOC mark.
Cachaзa can be made from any kind of sugar cane.

By law, cachaзa must be distilled to between 38 and 54% abv. Rhum agricole on the other hand must be distilled to not more than 75% abv. Most distillers distill their rhum agricole at about 72% abv.

Then there is the aging process, rhum agricole must be aged in small oak barrels while cachaзa can be aged in a variety of woods.
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