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Default Rum suggestions for a single malt guy

I'm wondering if there's any rum out there that can match the complexity and tastiness of single malt scotch.

Figuring I should broaden my horizon I recently started checking out rums but was immediately annoyed and confused by the lack of accurate labeling on Spanish language products and eventually decided to go French, both because agricole SEEMED more up my alley, and for the more accurate labeling. So anyways I picked up a bottle of "Damoiseau 5 Ans D'age" expecting a delightful slight tingly burn followed by a complex evolution of tastes in my mouth. What I got instead was a monotone over-saturated sweetness, like I'm eating cake.

While I was at it I also picked up some Tequila and Armagnac for comparison, and tried to get a "Flor de Caña Gran Reserva 7 YO" but it's sold out all over the country.
The tequila )Rooster Rojo Añejo 100% blue agave) was pretty good in taste but lacks the complexity I seek, so it's serving me well as a mixer.
The Armagnac (Chateau du Tariquet 12YO) is quite tasty and has a nice little evolution on the palette but in the end I can get single malt that's better for less money.

So, is there any rum out there that's complex and not very sweet?
For reference my go-to single malts at the moment are Highland Park, Ardbeg and Laphroaig.
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