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Default III International Course of Rum Making- Colombia 2011

  • Classifications and definitions
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Raw Materials
  • Deodorization treatment in distillate industry, use of activated carbon.
  • Distillate’s ageing.
  • Alcohols, their origins and the influence in its characteristics.
  • Influence of external factors and composition in rums characteristics.
  • Ageing warehouses
  • Rum manufacture
  • Colombian white oak
  • Auxiliary operations
  • Process variables and quality control
  • Cooling and resting effects
  • Sensorial tests in rum examples
  • Problems and solutions in rum industry
  • Rum and senses
  • Blind tasting with commercial brands


Oscar Hernando Queris Hernandez

Ph. D. Cuban Expert, dedicated to the study of the rum from the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Industria Alimentaria (IIA)

José Fernando Botero Gonzalez

MSc. Chemical Engineer, specialist in Financial Engineering, expert in alcohols, distillate and fermented beverages, technical director of the course.

Magnolia Orrego

Chemical Engineer. Former Master Blender of Ron Viejo de Caldas. Industrial consultant.

Humerto Montoya Zuluaga.

Chemical Engineer. Former Production Vice-manager in the Fábrica de Licores y Alcoholes de Antioquia, consultant in alcohol production, liquors and rum ageing.

Ana María Romero

Expert in aromas of alcoholic beverages, inventor of the aromatic circle of the Tequila.

Alicia Hadid

Professional in gastronomy, sommelier of the Escola de Restauració I Hostalatge de Barcelona.


The Universidad Nacional de Colombia through the department of Chemical and Enviromental Engineering, the Instituto de Extensión e Investigación, IEI and Alcoholes&Licores, will held on May 19, 20 and 21 the III International Course of Rum Making- Colombia 2011. Complementing the previous courses where the process of Venezuelan and Cuban rums was treated (Considering that “Rones de Venezuela” is the only origin denomination, DO, that exists in the rum world until now), this time the focus will be over the senses: a blind tasting divided in young, aged and extra aged rums; this classification is under Colombian law and whose board is composed of technicians, rum masters, rum connoisseurs and consumers; ageing will be treated too, including the use of Colombian White Oak type Quercus Humboldtii according to an investigation made in Cuba; among other subjects.

According to an investigation of the IWSR Magazine, International Wine and Spirit Research Magazine, rums reached in 2009 worldwide sales for one thousand seven hundred twenty three million 750 mL units; which is almost the 5% of the spirits global market; and is projected that for 2012 and for 2015 its growth will be of 11 and 19 percent respectively, of these there are five markets that represent the 64%; those are: India, USA, Philippines, Cuba and Spain; and ten brands are the top ten of this market: Bacardi Rum, Tanduay Rum, Celebration Rum, Captian Morgan Rum, Old Monk Rum, Brugal Rum, Contessa Rum, Havana Club Rum, Rare Old Rum (which replaced Ron Medellín that occupied this place in 2007), and Montilla Rum.

Colombian market prefers aged rums, 98.22% of total consumption; with 3 years of ageing minimum and 5 years as maximum; the national market reached in 2009 sales for thirty five million of 750mL units, where the 98.41% was national rum and 1.59% was imported rum.

This is a chance for people of the industry: technicians and commercial, and everyone interested to participate by inscribing; this course will be held in a simple language; also you can inscribe your brand in the blind tasting of commercial brands.
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