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Default does rum go off?

After having read an older post by Ed, wherein he explained the whole cork, screw top controversy, as well as the process of oxidation, shelf-life of opened bottles (especially those with a lower level of liquid, or opend often).
I had started to save good wine corks, especially the synthetics, and immediately replaced the caps or corks on new purchases if I felt they were not as secure as i liked.
Having a farly large rum collection I also went back and changed every bottle as needed. All of my bottles are have been started. some i could not find a good size replacement cork.

I recently found a source to solve the problem as best as possble-
There is a company- "WIDGETCO.COM". They sell all kinds of neat stuff, but have an amazing variety of closures.
If you go to the cork section, you find they have 3 levels of quality:
Standard- Suitable for dry goods and standing liquids;
Premium- Suitable for transporting and laboratory use;
Extra select- Suitable for fine spirits and pefumes.
They explain the difference and have photos of what constitutes poor quality vs good cork.
They come in over 30 sizes, have no minimum purchase, free shipping, and are really inexpensive.
I bought a some each of about 8 sizes of the Extra Select.
What a difference from the pitted, poor quality cork that comes with even some very high end rums. I replaced every cork or screwcap in my collection that I was not satisfied with.
They may not look as good in my display as the originals, but not important to me, as the rum itself.
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