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Default Bermudez rum?

Anybody ever try any of this rum from the Dom. Rep.? What are your thoughts? I can't find much information on them, but below are the ones listed that they produce. Are there any that are recommended to add to a collection?

There are 14 sugar cane spirits distilled by J. Armando Bermъdez & Co.
Bermudez Malla De Oro rum
Bermudez Palo Viejo rum
Bermudez Reserva Especial rum
Bermudez 151 rum
Bermudez Aсejo Selecto rum
Bermudez Anniversario, 1852 rum
Bermudez Blanco rum
Bermudez Caribe 151 rum
Bermudez Caribe Gold rum
Bermudez Caribe White rum
Bermudez Crystal rum
Bermudez Don Armando rum
Bermudez Dorado Rum rum
Bermudez Limon flavored rum
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