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After receiving a cease and desist letter from the INAO to the bottler of Christine Cooney's Chauffe Coeur and forwarding that letter to Epic Wines of CA I thought Christine Cooney was going to do the right thing and stop importing and selling Chauffe Coeur rums that claim to be AOC Rhum Agricole Martinique.

Last week, I found these rhums in a San Antonio liquor store imported by Heavenly Spirits which is Christine Cooney's import company. This violation of the AOC marque has been reported to the TTB, here is the COLA Chauffe Coeur Vieux.

This label states PRODUCED AND BOTTLED IN FRANCE BY CHAIS CHAUFEE-COEUR E. LABORIE, LE COSTIL ROUGE F14340. In order for any rhum agricole to bear the AOC marque it must be aged and bottled on Martinique.

I am not the rum, rhum or ron police, but as someone who has spent the last twenty five years researching, writing about, and then importing Caribbean spirits for the last fifteen years, I am dedicated to improving the reputation and credibility of sugar cane spirits.

To be fair this is not the only label with a false claim on it that I am investigating but since Christine Cooney has refused to stop exploiting the rum market and has continued to violate both US and French regulations I will stop this abuse by all means possible.
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