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Originally Posted by Milicent View Post
"I have a lot to say about this thread and will be editing this post as soon as time permits." Ed Hamilton

Just like a trainwreck, the developments on this thread has been hard to avoid. I'll be interested to hear Ed's comments.

Ed has done a great job with this site. In addition to its creation, he has always managed to maintain a good spirit. The vast majority of regular posters are good folks, considerate, and just interested in sharing their rum stories and experiences. I am grateful to Ed, this site, and the people who had made it what it is. Thank you one and all.
Millicent, I agree with you. Ed has done a spendid job and is to be commended to great length for his efforts.

Speaking personally, I also feel that this thread (while woefully protracted) has begun to bring to light that the average consumer is entitled to be aware of the product they are buying, and misleading or false statements made on labels are not something to be trifled with.

My girlfriend and I will be in Ft Worth in the 3rd week of January visiting her sister. We invite you to dinner at a place of your choice. Our treat. Happy Holidays to you and thank you for your contributions.
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