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7) Ron Zacapa Centrenario 23 yr old ($85.00) (94.5 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (4.0) I want more bang for my buck here. The Cardboard sleeve falls apart, and the woven grass band around the bottle deteriorates quickly.
IN THE GLASS (9.5) Awesome aroma with spices, nuts and brown sugar. I could sit and smell this all day.
IN THE MOUTH (57.0) The flavour is almost as good as the aroma. I think I am catching a little too much oak flavour making this ever so slightly bitter. There is a lot of complexity here and just the right amount of sweetness.
IN THE THROAT (14.5) More of the same. The burn in the throat is very gentle and a nice touch of oil ensures a long finish.
The AFTERBURN (9.5) The only flaw is the touch of oak bitter at the very end. I can see why many consider this one of the finest rums.

8) Renegade Rum Panama (Don Jose) 1997 ($75.00) (96.5 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (5.0) Probably the nicest Rum decanter I have seen
IN THE GLASS (9.5) Awesome aroma with oriental spices, and brown sugar. Like the Zacapa I could sit and smell this all day.
IN THE MOUTH (58.0) The flavour is really really nice. At first this was my favourite rum. However I have found that this rum really changes a lot based on what you have eaten and what the weather is like. On hot days it really cannot be beat, but there have been times when I notice the balance between the spice and the sweetness is just barely off.
IN THE THROAT (14.5) So so nice. There is a real oriental flair to this one. I`m thinking of the Oriental 7 spice mix I use in the kitchen. Very unique and yet completely in balance.
The AFTERBURN (9.5) I almost always want a second glass. Almost.

9) Santa Theresa Ron Antigua de Solero ($45) (91.0 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (5.0) This one even has a wax seal over the cork.
IN THE GLASS (9.0) A really different reddish tone to the rum. A new fragrance I cannot quite place. Tart and spicy almost like cinnamon.
IN THE MOUTH (55.0) The new spice and flavour is really good but again I found I wanted it less and less as time progressed. Like the El Dorado I really like the flavour but I only want it occasionally.
IN THE THROAT (13.5) The flavours really swirl and compete as the rum hits the back of my throat but somehow the balance is never really achieved.
The AFTERBURN (8.5) Another Rum that dimished in appeal over time. I will return but not often.

10) Captain Morgan`s Private Stock ($38) (63 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (5.0) So much Promise
IN THE GLASS (9.0) The Vanilla begins its assault
IN THE MOUTH (40.0) Vanilla overwhelms all other aspects of this Rum. Pity
IN THE THROAT (8.0) My gag reflex is very close to being affected
The AFTERBURN (1.0) Other than as a substitute for vanilla in my pancake recipe I never want to taste this again.

11) Ron Barcello Anejo ($35) (60 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (4.5) This is as good as this gets. (The rating that is)
IN THE GLASS (6.5) A smell of turpentine mixed with molasses
IN THE MOUTH (40.0) Absolutely dreadful. The rum tastes like it has been mixed with paint thinner.
IN THE THROAT (10.0) Not as bad as the flavour. However a very bitter elixir.
The AFTERBURN (5.0) Slowly over time I have tried to mix this with Coke and finish the bottle. One day I will finish this bottle and that will be a happy occasion

12) Appleton Estate 12 yr ($38) (88 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (4.5) Decent
IN THE GLASS (8.5) Typical Appleton aroma with a rich look to the rum.
IN THE MOUTH (53.5) The rum tastes very good but just a tad bitter. I think that this must be the younger base rum used in the Legacy as it has that same flavour profile but a more pronounced bitter note. The molasses has a slightly burnt taste and overall there is a woody note stemming from the time in the oak.
IN THE THROAT (13.0) On hot days this really feels nice with coke. It quenches the thirst and leaves a nice flavourful feel in the mouth.
The AFTERBURN (8.5) Definitely a good rum on a hot day and a real pleaser with my friends.

Well there you have it. These are the Rums I have tried over the past year in sufficient quantity to have a real opinion on. In doing this I noticed that I seem to favour the Central American Rums. The rums from South America fall in next with the more bitter Carribean rums being my least favourite. A lot of rums in the list were ones that I tried based upon feedback in this forum so I guess I am returning the favour.

Oh and I do agree that numerical ratings are never intended to be more than a guideline.

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