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Here are two sets of six rums rated using my peculiar methodology. I know I promised 10 but last night I had some Zacapa and felt that I had tried it sufficiently often to include it as well as well as one other. These are not in any order except that I placed my personal favourite at the top.

1) Flor de Cana 7yr Old ($28.00) (97 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (4.5) An inexpensive rum in a nice package. Addition of a cork would score a 5.
IN THE GLASS (9.5) A really nice aroma. Sweet but also full of nuts and spice. A hint of vanilla. No burnt or medicinal notes. The colour is rich and vibrant.
IN THE MOUTH (58.5) Absolutely wonderful. This is sweet but not overly so. A hint of almond and hazelnut. This mixes really well with coke on a warm day and goes down straight on a cold day. This to me is the almost perfect mixture of age and sweetness. The gentle spiciness and the warm notes of molasses.
IN THE THROAT (15) A perfect score as this rum feels just right going down. No bitter notes linger and the flavour just gushes and burns in all the right ways.
THE AFTERBURN (9.5) A clean pleasing finish. A gentle burn in the throat.

I will admit this is my favourite rum. I almost always have a bottle ready to go and I have even used this to mix with lesser rums to make them more palatable.

2) Ron Matuselum Gran Reserva 15 yr ($40.00) (93.5 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (5.0) I like rums in some kind of box to keep light from causing any harm to the liquid. Corks are necessary to prevent evaporation and I Like some attempt to make the bottle unique in some way.
IN THE GLASS (9.0) Very nice aroma from the glass but it is not quite as rich and full as it could be. No off notes at all but the aroma is just a tad muted.
IN THE MOUTH (56.5) Almost as good as Flor de Cana but the richness has been muted by aging. It is very very smooth which makes this a very good rum to drink straight. There is no flaw in the flavour, and on days when I feel like a more mellow drink this really hits the spot.
IN THE THROAT (14.0) Just a little more kick and this would be perfect.
THE AFTERBURN (9.0) I really like to smell my glass after my drink and savour the last moments.

If this Rum had just a little more flavour it would rival for top spot, But definitively a favourite of mine.

3) Appleton Estate Legacy ($90.00) (93.5 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (3.5) For the cost of this Rum I really expect a better presentation.
IN THE GLASS (9.0) A really nice Appleton. I almost see legs in the glass and the aroma is enticing. A touch of burnt brown sugar in the air and a hint of nutmeg.
IN THE MOUTH (57.5) This is really complex. You can actually taste the younger rums in the blend swirling around the smoother older rum. The battles between the various ages in the blend is a delight in the mouth. This is as smooth as Matuselum and as robust as Flor de Cana. However a hint of bitterness rears up and prevents perfect harmony from being achieved. So close to perfection and yet so far.
IN THE THROAT (14.5) If it were not for that bitter note this would be sublime. I still taste nutmeg and allspice mixed with brown sugar.
The AFTERBURN (9.0) This is so close to being a perfect rum that it is scary. I go back to this rum a lot trying to escape that tiny bitterness. But alas its always there just hiding in the corner spoiling perfection.

4) El Dorado 12 yr ($38.00) (91.5 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (5.0) I really dig this design.
IN THE GLASS (9.5) The nose on this rum is as good as any. Sweet Elixir just dripping with personality and sweetness
IN THE MOUTH (55.0) This is one of those rums I loved the first time but that become less the next time. I think the sweetness is just too much. Not that this is not a fine tasting rum, it is really good. I just want a touch more balance with other flavours competing with the brown sugar.
IN THE THROAT (14.0) There is an oiliness that coats the throat giving this a long finish.
The AFTERBURN (8.0) Here again that extra sweetness hurts the rum. Like after Halloween when you were a kid and you ate too much candy. I like this rum a lot, but I need it in small well spaced doses.

5) Cruzan Estate Single Barrel ($ 38) (87.0 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (4.0) Nice.
IN THE GLASS (9.0) A paler rum than I am used to but very fragrant with spices I am unfamiliar with. I like this a lot.
IN THE MOUTH (53.0) I loved this rum on first tasting. On my second try I noticed a distinct coconut flavour lingering in the background. The more often I try this the more I taste the coconut. Unfortunately the coconut note just doesn't appeal to me. This is really one that intially scores high but slowly sinks the more I drink it.
IN THE THROAT (13.0) There is a lot of unique flavours in this one and the final taste in my throat is quite pleasing but again that coconut lingers like a thief stealing my pleasure.
The AFTERBURN (8.0) Lots of people will really like this and I keep it around for my guest who all enjoy it immensely. If you like coconut you probably will rate this far higher than I.

6) Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum ($ 22) (85.0 pts)

IN THE BOTTLE (4.5) Nice pinup girl on an inexpensive bottle. What's not to like.
IN THE GLASS (8.0) This smells like a mild Dr. Pepper. Yum
IN THE MOUTH (52.0) So far my favourite spiced rum. A Cherry coke with lots of zip and pop. I was expecting lots of Dr. Pepper but instead I got a sweet cherry coke. Nice. Not extremely elegant or complex just a nice casual drink for friends.
IN THE THROAT (12.5) More of the same. It's great that the spice is so unique (at least for me). The flavour does not get old in the throat but just sits gently.
The AFTERBURN (8.0) Don't take this as a bad score. Its just that this rum is nice and pleasing but not outstanding in any way. I like it in my hot tub on a cool day.

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