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Wolfie you're my kinda guy! great post to read over breakfast. I tend to prefer a more subjective approach and not use #'s (just my taste, I know # work very well) because it tends to lead me to compare rums to other ones. I don't like doing this because rums are meant to be different and A LOT depends on the mood I am in at that moment. That being said your system has a ton of merit to it, I might put a little more on the nose but I love to see that you included the packaging. If I break open something exotic and pricey in should have something to impress me. Bonus points if it involves the history or culture. Goslings old rum comes to mind, champagne bottle from back in the day, "black seal" wax top, etc...Strangely enough I've grown not to like corks and instead prefer screw caps. Last I agree with your comment about tasting multiple times. I find the price expectations and joy at a new bottle will corrupt my opinion. Often the 1st tasting is different slightly than further tastings, but so far if I like a rum initially I've liked it on further tastings. Like wise is true for rums I don't like, but the fun with that is finding what to mix with it to make it tolerable. Keep up the posts I love reading them.
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