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Originally Posted by M.R.J. View Post
Dear Mr. Canto,

I am wondering if you could tell me are all the different famous Guyanese stills that are often mentioned still used for rum production in the 21st century?

By famous stills I am referring to pot and column stills that bear the name of the old estate they originated from - Enmore, Versailles, Uitvlugt, Port Morant, Skeldon, La Bonne, to mention those known to me. I sincerely hope that all of these historical still are with us and used in production today.

Sir, I would also like to add that indeed as someone already suggested on this forum, releasing single cask/single still rums at cask strength might be something to consider for Demerara Distillers. Albeit being a big fan of your 21-year old rum, I do hunt single barrel / single still releases of Demerara rum from a number of independent bottlers, and such releases are often the most interesting in variety of flavour and style. This may be a niche market for true connoisseurs but such special releases strenghten the brand I think.

Releasing single barrel, single distillery products that are cask strength and not filtered has been a fairly common practice already for a decade or more. Independent Italian and UK bottlers have done the same with rums, and their bottlings can be truly stunning. The last bottle of Demerara I bought was an Italian independently bottled Port Morant, and having tasted this I can only say that my personal appreciation of Guyanese rums elevated to a whole new level.


Dear MRJ,
Sorry I did not replied to you earlier.
Yes some of these stills are still used in our operation as per se such like the wooden EHP continuous wooden still, the wooden PM double pot still and the wooden single pot VSG pot still. These stills are identical to the ones used on the then plantation distilleries. Of course the wood and other parts have been changed frm time to time but the system has remained the same. Some of the other marke are made on the 4 colums Savalle still and the 2 column metal coffey still. These were the lighter and medium bodied rums that we found that can be reproduced on these stills giving the same characteristics like what were made on the various estates.
\you see when rum was produced on the individuals estates they were given a name to identify it to that particular sugar estate. When consolidation took place we found a few estates produced identical type of products hence the most popular of the marks was kept. Whot was also found was that some of the still could have replicate identically a few of the marks hence it was not necessary to keep all 250+ stills from all the estate distilleries. What is important to note is that all the rums we produce now with those marks are identical to the said marks produced 350+ years ago same quality, same taste, same aromas. To be noted there were a few marks that could not be replicated on any other still hence the retention ok the wooden stills.

With respect to the single casks suggestins / comments, these are noted. The world of rum is always evolving so there is always room for somethings different. Let's wait and see. An appetite opened with great expectations
best enjoys the meal.
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