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Very interesting thread! I have a few experiences to share, but am seeing a lot of what you all are seeing as well. I have been playing with aging rum for about a year now. I have 2 methods that I use - both have been mentioned here - the first is to use amber glass bottles (1L and 4L) then put in thin strips of toasted and/or charred wood. I have white oak trees in the back yard and had some nice pieces aging/ drying in the barn for over a year, so chopped them into thin strips and experimented with different levels of toasting through charring. We also have a lot of beech trees and have tried the same using the beech as well as apple (more about this below) the second method is 2 barrels, a 1L and a 5L oak from 1000 oaks that I got for Christmas.

With the glass/ wood strips - as has been mentioned - one has to be very careful and check often as the woody/smokey taste happens surprisingly quick, depending on the amount of char and amount of strips (surface area to volume ratio) used. I can get (at least what I think is comperable aging / smoothness/ smokiness) about 7-10 year traditional barrel aging in about 1-2 months. I have also found a surprising difference in the different wood used - I went in figuring, char/smoke is char/smoke, but no - oak comes out very different from beech, different from apple. All are very good in their own right - just surprisingly different. I've also tried mesquite - to disasterous results! Looking back, I should have known that it would be too resinous to come out good, although Anglesword (Temptryst Rums in TX) does a mesquite aged rum, so I'm not sure how he does it - maybe a very brief time in contact. Anyway, mine was undrinkable and precipitated upon dilution with water.

Now, as far as the barrels, I'm afraid I have gone too far! See I got the barrels for X-mas and immediately started a batch after going through the proper hydration etc. All seemed to be going well - I took a sample early - very little difference... then my wife and I had twins (and hence the hiatus from posting here on the forums much...) and I forgot about the barrels until this thread came up... now it is way over oaky - over smokey - tastes more like a whiskey! Oh, well, have to get it out of there and start over and pay more attention to it!

Sorry this is getting too long - I like the idea of the infused wood that came up as well - will have to try that. I usually start with higher proof, so I have the ability to dilute down and play with some blending, so my starting spirit of choice is W&N overproof white rum. Also the higher proof allows for extraction - ie I have had really good results after aging in making a very nice spiced rum! (save that for another post!)

cheers, and happy aging!

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