Dedicated to the Understanding and Appreciation of the Noble Spirit - Rum


Located on the southern shore of the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela is a diverse geographic and cultural region. Sugar cane gave way to petroleum in the 1960s but rum continues to be a significant export. Like the geography and culture of the country itself, Venezuelan rum varies considerably. Though the bulk of the production is a very light character distillate, which is sold around the world as a blending component, there are also a number of medium bodied aged rums which deserve attention.

In addition to the attention to detail at the distilleries, Venezuelan law requires that all rum bottled in Venezuela be aged at least two years, one of the longest aging laws in the industry.

There are 2 sugar cane spirit distillers in this database from Venezuela.
Distilerias Unidas, S.A.
Ron Santa Teresa CA
There are also 2 companies in this database blending/bottling sugar cane spirits from Venezuela.
CorporaciĆ³n Macuro, C.A.
Ron Castro de Venezuela, C.A.