Dedicated to the Understanding and Appreciation of the Noble Spirit - Rum

Saint Martin French West Indies

Saint Martin is the French side of the bicountry island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. This duty free island is home to a couple of rum blenders and more than a few rum bargains. Not far from Marina Royale, the Match supermarche is an easy place to become acquainted with many of the local rums bottled on the island. A well stocked tasting table is just one of the places I try to visit where I know I'll find not only some of my favorites from the island but also anything new to their portfolio of local products.

Although it was not in my research objectives to visit rum shops early in the morning, I did find myself walking by one or two one morning as I returned to Tafia with a fresh baguette.

Avoiding an early morning rain shower, the sound of laughter drew me into a rum shop where several fishermen, with their pant legs rolled up above their bare ankles, were drinking an early drink to ward off the dampness.

All the eyes in the dim bar turned to the tall stranger as I ducked through the low doorway. Without asking for a drink, I was served. It wasn't bad, but the next time I drink a décollage - equal parts absinthe and rhum, I will make sure I have at least eaten breakfast.

By the time I got back to the dinghy I understood the meaning of décollage, blast off.

A number of wholesale liquor distributors, liquor stores, and well-stocked restaurant bars offer connoisseurs a chance to expand their horizons. The duty-free status also benefits the tourist who doesn't have the time to travel to the other islands.

Across the street from the north entrance to Marina Royale, Champagne is unquestionably one of the best purveyors of fine spirits in the islands. Gilles Breion is very knowledgeable and caters to clients with refined tastes. Many of the bottled spirits you will find here are available nowhere else. Only the Bally Distillery visitors center in Martinique has a better selection of vintage Bally rhums. Considering the fact that all the bottles presented here are in perfect condition and worthy of the finest collections, the prices aren't unreasonable, especially when compared to the US or Europe. Whether you are looking for collectible decanters or a bottle of the finest spirits, this is a good place to come.

Around the corner on Rue du Général de Gualle, La Cave de Marigot is a new store that is full of my favorite spirits. Benjamin Nagali is intent on having the best selection of wines, spirits and imported cigars on the island. Benjamin has been in the wholesale liquor business for some time. This retail store is small but I expect it to grow in the near future.

Among all the spirits imported here, Pére Labat is the preferred choice of rhum in the adored 'ti punch served in the restaurants on the French side. There are a number of restaurants and bars on the waterfront that offer live entertainment and of course great drinks. Even if you are used to drinking rhum blanc remember Pére Labat is stronger than most of the other rhums served on the island.

There is only 1 sugar cane spirit distiller in this database from Saint Martin French West Indies.
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